How did we started


Three and a half years ago I would never have been able to predict that I would be running my own online business. With no experience or background in running businesses it was an outcome I could never have predicted, but life can work in mysterious ways. 

The story starts just over three years ago, one early morning in December. I had just driven my partner and our son to the airport. This was our tradition every year, she and our son would go and stay with her parents and I would join them just before Christmas so we could all spend that time together. 

This was the day that changed everything and set the course for the website you see today. When I came home from the airport I found a small piece of paper on the bed with my Christmas present next to it. I knew what my Christmas present was because I had written a letter to Santa to ask for it. 

After I realised the paper next to the present was meant for me I picked it up and read it. It was from my partner. She said she was sorry but things weren’t going to work out between us and that we had to separate. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I called my partner to ask if the letter was some sort of joke. She told me she wasn’t joking, she was serious, and the separation was real. I felt terrible after that phone call – a feeling that continued for months. All the time I couldn’t help but wonder what was going to happen with my son, when would I see him now?

My ex-partner and my son went to live in another European country a few hours flight from the UK. I flew out every two weeks to visit my child. Whilst the time I spent with my son was wonderful, the travelling was taking a toll on me. In order to save money I was flying at crazy times and losing out on sleep. I would sometimes fly out at 2 a.m. local time and have very little sleep before seeing my son. I wanted my time with him to be quality time, and being tired and worried about money made that more difficult. At the time I worked as a carpenter and earned a good wage, but sometimes I still struggled to have enough money to go and visit my son. 

Eventually I realised that I needed to find a way to earn more money. This would mean I could not only fly out to visit my son whenever I wanted to but also I wouldn’t be worrying about money all the time. If I needed to pay for a hotel or car hire, or if I wanted to spend money doing fun things with my child, I would just be able to do that without thinking too much about the cost. 

This is when I thought that an online business would be an ideal solution. 

I worked hard and created my first website but nobody wanted the product I was selling so it went nowhere. Then someone I knew introduced me to these fabulous Merino wool products that I now sell to my many happy customers. 

Right from the start I loved the idea of selling these products, as the natural and soft touch of organic Merino wool is so amazing, that building a business around products made from this material was obviously the way to go. It really makes me happy to see all the beautiful reviews on the website and to know that each one is written by a satisfied customer who loves the product they received from us. 

One more very important thing I want to say is that every purchase a customer makes brings me one step closer to seeing my son more often. He is now five years old and everything I’ve done to make this business I’ve done for him, so thank you!