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Merino Wool Baby

When it comes to our children, we know we want the best. Whether that’s food, clothes, education…absolutely anything we provide for our children, we want to ensure it’s the absolute finest and why not? After all, they’re our life and soul. It’s for this reason that we’ve ensured our merino wool baby products are nothing short of the finest, made from the best organic wool sources from around the world. We use both Merino wool and Camel wool and while doing so, have reduced the use of synthetic products at the same time, keeping all of our children’s woolen products as natural as possible to avoid any irritation.

Organic Wool

Our range of products includes baby’s wool sleeping bags. These are incredibly popular throughout the UK and beyond. Infants have been using sleeping bags or sleeping pods as they’re otherwise known for a number of years now. Not only does it allow an infant to keep warm with their body covered, it also allows them to cool down when necessary by having their arms and head free. The base of the wool sleeping bag also prevents the sleeping pod from rising above baby’s head and stops your little one from kicking their covers off, ensuring they remain warm and cosy all night long. Made from 100% wool, our merino wool baby sleeping bags come in both comfort and universal fit, with the universal being made to fit car seats, ideal for keeping them warm on car journeys in the winter.

Ideal Gifts

Our kids wool products also offer a selection of pillow toys. These are a super versatile product in that they provide comfort and support for your little ones while also proving entertaining in themselves. With friendly faces on them, made from 100% wool, they’re known for aiding in a much better nights sleep for your little ones. Let’s face it, if anything aids in helping your little one sleep, it’s worth its weight in gold. Last but not least, we have a selection of merino wool baby pillows too. Our pillows are made from 100% natural wool, which is not only from a sustainable source but a renewable source too. They’re completely natural, which make them perfect for our sensitive little ones and offer so much more comfort than synthetic materials, making them ideal as gifts for new parents too.


Merino Wool Baby

Pillow Toy – Maja

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Merino Wool Baby

Pillow Toy – Mickey