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Pillow Toys

Here at Wool Tales, our Pillow Toys are one of our biggest sellers and for good reason too. Let’s face it, babies just love to touch and feel new textures and they do so more often than not with their mouths. This means anything you give them must be, not only soft and gentle enough for baby, but safe too. It’s for this reason that our pillow toys, made from 100% wool are so safe and enjoyable for your little one to get to grips with.

All Natural Merino Wool

The soft and fine texture of merino wool ensures that it’s not only safe but allows them to play without the worry of causing itchiness or irritation to your little one’s skin, making them fantastic when it comes to sensitivity. Babies also love to explore new sights and that’s exactly what our pillow toys provide, helping them develop their sensory skills, providing encouragement toward social and emotional growth. Even at such a young age, your infants will grasp the different colours, textures, shapes and sizes that can be found on our wool pillow toys and being made from natural, organic materials makes them the perfect way for your little ones to do so.


Merino Wool Baby

Pillow Toy – Maja

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Merino Wool Baby

Pillow Toy – Mickey