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Wool Bedding

Wool Bedding, there really is nothing quite like it. Made from Camel Wool and Merino Wool, our wool bedding is like nothing else on the market. At Wool Tales, our aim is to keep things as natural as possible, which is why we go out of our way to source the most organic and natural materials possible. We try to reduce the use of synthetic materials as much as possible, which is no doubt why we’ve become the UK’s number one source for all merino and camel wool bedding products. From blankets to pillows, we can help ensure you sleep like a baby, in wool heaven.

100% Organic Wool

From our Almond Merino Wool Blanket that’s made from 100% natural Merino wool to our Elada Merino Wool Blanket, perfect for use all year round, we have a variety of wool blankets just calling for you to wrap yourself within. So what’s so great about our wool blankets? Well, aside from the fact that our wool blankets are made from the finest wools found globally, Merino wool itself is sustainable and renewable; easing your mind with each evening you spend wrapped up tight. On top of this, you’ll also find our wool blankets ideal for keeping the cold out whilst at the same time, preventing you from overheating. This naturally sourced material is breathable, the perfect attribute for helping you sleep soundly.

High-Quality Natural Materials

It’s not just our blankets however, that have proven themselves incredibly popular within the wool bedding department. We also stock a range of Merino wool pillows too. Just as our blankets are sourced from the finest materials from around the world, so too are our pillows. Being sourced from such high-quality natural materials, our Merino wool pillows are guaranteed to help you relax and just as our blankets will, they’ll aid you in a better nights sleep at the end of a hard day. From birthdays to Christmas, our wool bedding makes the perfect gift for loved ones too.

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