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Merino Wool Blankets

Here at Wool Tales, we couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of our merino wool blankets. Their popularity is testament to the fact that they’re not only incredibly soft but the perfect blanket for any season. When choosing a wool blanket, merino wool comes out on top each and every time and for good reason too. Merino wool has a number of properties that make it not only comfortable, but the perfect sleeping environment with a lasting texture, comfort and resilience against dust mites. So, let’s take a look at just why our natural merino wool blankets are so popular.

Organic Wool

Merino wool isn’t just super soft, it also happens to be incredibly breathable and fantastic when it comes to managing moisture. Thanks to its super fine fibres, developed naturally in order to keep the sheep cool in summer months, and warm in winter months, this particular wool creates what’s often referred to as its own microclimate. As the body warms up, the moisture is absorbed and as such, throughout the night, you remain at the perfect body temperature. It’s easy to see just how this helps you sleep better, especially when we take into consideration things like central heating versus temperature changes; a combination that’s generally out of our control while we sleep. We guarantee you’ll be blown away by quality, price and of course, the comfort of our fabulous blankets

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