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Merino Wool Pillows

Merino wool is one of life’s natural products and when it’s natural, you know it’s good for you. Merino has numerous properties that make it fantastic for not only the little ones in our lives, but adults too. It’s for this reason that we chose merino wool when making these fabulous pillows so if you’re looking for a better nights sleep, our merino wool pillows could be just what you need. But just what is it about merino wool that makes these pillows so good at helping you sleep better?

Natural Merino Wool

First and foremost, merino wool is known for being breathable and great when it comes to managing moisture. This makes it fantastic in terms of temperature regulation. I think we can all relate to having to turn over our regular pillows when the side we’re lying on becomes too warm. With merino wool pillows however, that doesn’t happen. Thanks to its breathable nature and its ability to wick away moisture, you can enjoy a full nights sleep on a pillow that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Thanks to its ability to manage moisture effectively too, it’s also great at resisting odour for the simple fact that its lack of moisture battles against odour causing bacteria making it not only smell great, but hygienic too. Merino wool also happens to be super fine and more importantly super soft. While some wools can induce the dreaded itch, merino does the total opposite, helping avoid those skin allergies with its super fine fibres, giving you the perfect night sleep.

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