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Wool Home Furnishings

When it comes to decorating the home, wallpaper and paint will eventually sink into the background, carpets and flooring will usually do the same. What makes the biggest difference and often reveals more about you and your individual style are the furnishings. Individual pieces such as cushions, curtains, seat covers are all what will actually be taken note of and here at Wool Tales, we know our wool home furnishings are guaranteed to be taken notice of. Why? Well let’s look at the materials they’re made from first shall we?

Organic Wool From Around The World

All of our wool home furnishings, just like our bedding, slippers and other such products, are manufactured from a mixture of Merino wool and Camel wool that we’ve sourced from around the world. We’ve gone that extra length so you can rest assured that the products you buy from Wool Tales are pure quality. We then do our utmost to reduce the amount of synthetic materials used in them, to ensure they’re as natural as can be. When it comes to our wool chair cushions specifically, you’ll be pleased to know they’re made from 100% wool in order to create the most comfortable chair cushion around. Our wool cushion covers are made with added straps in order to attach them comfortably to your chairs, minimising movement, allowing you to take full advantage of the soft, natural and organic materials without movement when sat down. Our wool home furnishings are also proving popular thanks to their neutral tone. This makes them fantastic when it comes to placing in quite literally any style room. From modern and contemporary to traditional, our wool chair cushions are ideal for offering a quality finish without dominating the room.

Wool Home Furnishings

Wool Chair Cushion