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Baby Pillows

Sleep time, one of the most important times in a young one’s life when it comes to development, growth, repair and of course, giving you (mum and dad) a little time to recover from the ever-demanding life of parenthood. Giving your little one the best opportunity for sleep is therefore pretty high up on the list and what better way to do so than with our amazing Baby Pillows. Aside from being all natural and renewable, our baby pillows are incredibly comfortable, allowing your little one to relax and get to sleep much easier but just why is merino wool so good for your little ones?

Natural Merino Wool

Merino wool, thanks to its natural qualities, has the ability to trap warm air between its fine fibres. This allows it to create a rather cosy feeling next to the skin, keeping bodies warm without overheating. It also has the ability to repel water and draw moisture away from the skin thanks to a protective and naturally occurring layer of lanolin, helping to keep you cool and dry. So how does this help your little one? Well, it means your baby will avoid feeling sweaty and clammy, which you’ll no doubt agree is incredibly important especially for those unable to regulate their own body temperature when under 18 months old. All of this helps keep baby relaxed, encouraging them to sleep longer and in turn, build up important reserves which is especially important for little ones who may not be feeling well, perhaps born prematurely or even at a low weight. Add to this its all natural, incredibly soft texture helping to reduce skin allergies and it’s easy to see just why the Wool Tales Baby Pillows are the baby pillows for your little ones.

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