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Wool Slippers

As with all products produced by ourselves here at Wool Tales, we do our best to reduce the amount of synthetic material used which means our wool slippers you see before you are made using the finest Camel and Merino wool, sourced from around the world. The organic material used is aimed at not only making these slippers a sustainable and renewably sourced product but an incredibly comfortable one too. Here at Wool Tales, we know only too well the benefits of wearing slippers. From your health to your comfort, but the question is, do you? Now we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t have to twist your arm in order to get you to wear our comfortable and cozy slippers but just in case you need a little convincing, let’s take a look at just why so many others choose to wear our wool slippers, starting from their ability to decrease your risk of catching the common cold.

Perfect Gift

It used to be just an old wives’ tale that having cold feet could increase your risk of catching a cold but recent studies have proven this wives’ tale to actually have a little fact behind it. Keeping your feet warm, with organic wool for instance, changes the way your body is able to fight off disease and illness and it’s all down to cold feet. Now we won’t go into the medical details but just know that keeping those feet warm will aid in the prevention of getting sick. Hygiene is another fab reason to wear our wool slippers; they help keep your home clean! The soles of your outside shoes are often dirtier than a toilet seat, therefore wearing them around the home is anything but a good idea. Having house slippers on the other hand gives you the comfort of wearing shoes indoors while keeping your floors clean at the same time. Last but most certainly not least, slippers help to prolong the life of your socks. Socks wear out pretty quickly if you wear them around the house all day, but with a pair of wool slippers you’ll find your socks lasting a whole lot longer and looking a lot more presentable too. Now if these aren’t reason enough to start wearing our wool slippers around the home, we’re not sure what is.