Baby Sleeping Bag – Comfort


Introducing The Comfiest Baby Sleeping Bag. Comfort Baby Sleeping Bag is the perfect way to make your baby have a very comfortable and warmth sleep through the night without the worry of loose bedding in the cot.This product is mainly for babies that are up to 18 months and above, so it goes beyond swaddling, and arms are always out – so there’s more room for baby to move.

Our comfiest baby sleeping bag is very easy-to-use, the bag won’t kick off in the night. The Top Down and Bottom Up Zipper makes it easier and faster to change nappies. The fabrics a very soft and smooth which will help keep baby comfy and cozy all night long – so everyone can sleep like a baby.

Not only does it allow an infant to keep warm with their body covered, it also allows them to cool down when necessary by having their arms and head free. Wools amazing properties mean, this sleeping bag will actually keep your child cool during the summer period. The merino wool has wonderful ability to move that sweat in the vapor state, and it is extremely breathable, which makes it great for hot summer days and our kids will not sweat when wearing it.


The comfiest baby sleeping bag comes in 70 cm size.

Machine washable; this simply means it can be easily be dry cleaned (can be wash with machine and with hand as well).

Arms-out sleeping bag replaces loose bedding .

What’s in the box?

1x Comfortable baby sleeping bag

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100 % wool.

Size : 70 cm.

Certificates : OEKO – TEX, WOOLMARK.

Care :

Dry cleaning.

No ironing.

No tumble drying.

Wash at 30 degrees , gentle cycle.

Due to the chemical composition of natural wool, different wool shades are unavoidable.

During the use, wool hair adhesion (curling) and undercoat loss are possible. This is not considered as fabric damage.

Products of wool fabric may have weaker or stronger specific wool odour. If the smell of wool seems too strong, it is recommended to ventilate the product in dry place, not in the direct sunlight.